Accidents happen and no matter how hard we might try to be safe and no matter how careful we are on the road, when others are not so mindful as we are of safety then some things might happen. That does not mean that we don’t have to be careful.

A majority of mishaps that happen on the road are preventable. If only drivers paid more attention to their driving a great number of those accidents would not have happened in the first place. So if you do not want to be a part of any accident or maybe get a ticket, here are some tips that you can follow:

Move Your Eyes– Never develop the habit of staring hypnotically at some point right in front of your car directly or in the lines between the lanes. You should keep your eyes moving constantly around you so you can have full situational awareness. Look at the front, far ahead into the road, to left and to rear view mirrors.

Rear View Mirrors– We have mentioned that you should always be looking at the mirrors on your car so you can see what is happening around you. You should be aware of what is behind you all of the time.

Blind Sides- There are blind sides around your vehicle when you are driving and you should be aware of those. The moist prone blind side is your right side slightly to the back. That can cause some problems when you are on the road because you would not be able to see a vehicle properly there.

Avoid Traveling in a Pack– When you look at the behavior of other drivers, you would notice that they tend to travel in packs. You should not join packs of vehicles because you are cutting off your avenue of escape when something happens. You should distance yourself from other vehicles.

Be Noticed– You would want other drivers to notice you and take note that you are there on the road with them. The best way to do that is to turn the lights on your vehicles on. Your safety is more important than conserving energy.

Using Lights– A great number of people are ignorant about then proper use of lights on vehicles. The best practice is to leave lights on your car all the time. That helps others to notice you, whether it is dark or not.

Using Turn Signals– Turn lights are there not just for being polite and courteous to other drivers. They serve a real function. They are safety devices that allow other drivers to notice what you are doing. It should be used not just at the last moment when turning but ahead of time.

Driving Too Slow Can Cause Accidents Too– It is not just going too fast that can cause accidents. Driving too slowly can cause some problems as well. The best method is to maintain an average driving speed.

These are just some of the methods that you can try in order to avoid getting tickets and also to stay away from traffic accidents.