In this particular type of market the notion of buying is a very good one, the reason for the great benefits is because of the large amount of property inventory made accessible because of quick fire sales and home foreclosures. However there are also the responsibilities which come along with this venture as there will be homeowner insurance, monthly mortgages also the homeowner’s tax and the maintenance of the property.

A very important thing for a buyer to know is all of the short fall and gains of this particular venture, because if you are a renter you will only be required to pay the monthly rent and nothing more. To be qualified for ownership requires you the candidate to have a steady paying job and a good down payment, and the advantages for investing right away is because of the low interest rates, a tax break on your income and also the advantage of first time buyer incentives.

As a homebuyer you will need to have information on all of the major Californian cities, as the median income for the household in Berkeley was about $59,335 against that of $70,079 in the county of Alameda and also $61,154 in the state of California. The median age in California was 36 years, compared to 34 years in Berkeley and 37 years in Alameda. Also as a home buyer you will need to go online and find a site that gives information about all the major cities and all places of interest like schools, latest demographics plus economic indicators.