Pubs are a place that we like to gather socially to unwind. On occasion the combination of food, alcohol and overindulging can lead to incidents occurring such as trips and falls or violent attacks. This leaves the proprietors open to potential personal injury claims being filed against them.

If you were injured in a pub due to criminal activity such as a violent attack, the process for claiming is slightly different to if you were involved in an incident where the business owners are found negligent. If you have been involved in a violent crime, the first step should be to report it to the police, so they can attempt to locate the attacker and you will have the option to press charges if they are located and arrested.

Violent Crimes in Pubs

In the UK there is a system called the criminal injuries’ compensation scheme put simply the scheme aims to compensate innocent victims of violent crimes in the UK using a “balance of probabilities ‘ scenario. This situation does not require the same degree of evidence as the courts where they work on a “beyond reasonable doubt” system. Compensation using this system can be awarded for both pain and the suffering you have endured as a result of the violent attack.

Other Pub Accident Claims

There are other types of accidents that can happen in pubs that lead to injury, the most common ones we deal with are:

Falls due to badly maintained equipment including chairs and tables.
Dripping over loose carpets and tiles
Slipping in toilets on a wet floor
Burns from hot food and beverages
Food poisoning where food hasn’t been correctly prepared
Falls due to overcrowded premises

If you are involved in an accident in a pub, then proof of liability will be required to claim successfully. You will need to be able to prove that the pub owner breached their duty of care to you as a customer and that their actions or inactions caused your injury.

Examples of negligence in pubs that can lead to accidents:

Untrained or poorly trained staff
Understaffing at the time the accident happened
Insufficient security
Poor maintenance of furnishings
Insufficient appropriate signage, for example wet floor signs
Damaged flooring
Poorly lit hallways
Not reporting incidents or criminal activity

It’s the responsibility of the claimant to prove that the pub is responsible for the accident. There are many occurrences where the claim may seem reasonable and the customer has done nothing wrong, but the pub owners may also be able to prove they took all the steps necessary within their power to keep the customer safe from harm. In such cases then split liability may be claimed and the blame cannot wholly be placed on the business or the customer.

Starting a pub injury claim

If you are the victim of an accident in a pub, the first and most important thing you should do is seek medical attention. Your health and wellbeing should be your top priority at all times seeking early medical attention reduces the chances of long term damage being sustained and if you do later decide to make a pub accident claim it can form a vital part of the evidence for your case. You must also ensure you report the incident to the duty manager at the pub in question and ensure that it is recorded in an accident book.

You may not immediately decide you wish to make a compensation claim, but seeking legal advice early is recommended. Our team of no win no fee solicitors are on hand to answer your questions regarding pub or bar accident claims, and we offer a no obligation free consultation to discuss your unique situation.

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