Personal Injuries on Someone Else’s Property. Know Your Rights 


Rear-End Truck Collisions


What Happens If You Get Injured in the Workplace?


Who Could Be Interested In Immigration Laws?


Copyright Law and Dying Newspapers – Congressional Hearings

Newspapers probably are the biggest victims of copyright infringement and generally they didn't care much, as that was old news...

Myths About Copyright

Beware of these myths about copyrighted materials: If it doesn't have a copyright notice, it's not copyrighted. That use to...

Remedies For Copyright Infringement and What You Can Do

A person who violates the rights of an author, who has a copyright, can have an infringement suit placed on...

Remedies For Copyright Infringement

If you find that someone has copied your work, you have the right to sue that person for copyright infringement....

Copyrighting Infringement – Is The Threat Real For Artists?

Many artists have asked me recently about protecting their images from online theft. Downloading photos from websites is as easy...

The Right to Copy

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 (The Act) runs to more than 330 pages so one must accept the...

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